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igus® Vietnam Company Limited

Unit 4, 7th Floor, Standard Factory B, Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone, Tan Thuan Street

District 7, HCM City, Vietnam

+84 28 3636 4189
Tech up & cost down
motion plastics for the
glass industry
Accuracy plays a vital role in the glass industry, as cutting and trimming to size to meet individual customer requirements involves high-precision work. Cutting glass to size for tables, mirrors or doors often leaves sharp edges. The edges are processed in a grinding and polishing process so as to minimise the risk of injuries.
From surface, joining and forming technology or in handling: with our e-chain systems, chainflex cables for movement and bearing technology made of tribologically optimised high-performance polymers, we always have the ideal solution at hand for your individual application in the glass industry. 

Benefits of igus products:

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Selected products for the glass industry

R2.1 e-chain

E2.1 & R2.1 e-chains

E2.1 range available as all-rounder and tubes
More about R2.1
Hybrid cable CF220.UL.H

Hybrid servo cable CF220.UL.H

Resistant to oil and coolants, for medium-duty applications
More about CF220.UL.H

Bus cable for moving applications

Ethernet cable for highest speeds
Find out more
drylin RJUM-01-ES

drylin R linear slide bearing

Free of external lubricants, quiet operation, no maintenance
Go to bushing RJUM-01-ES
Bar stock round bar iglidur X

iglidur X bar stock

Resistant to chemicals and high temperatures of up to +250°C
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drylin E linear robot

drylin E linear robots

Drive with toothed belt, ready harnessed in as little as 24 hours
Go to our room linear robots

Predictive maintenance with smart plastics

Intelligent e-chains, cables or plain and linear bearings report the maintenance date during operation and integrate seamlessly into your processes.  Your advantages:
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Eliminate unplanned downtime
  • Extend service life
  • Improve equipment efficiency
  • Save time - faster detection of the reason for anomalies
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Tested in the test laboratory for use in the real world

All products are tested for wear and durability under real-life conditions in the igus test laboratory, the largest in the industry. This enables the precise determination of the service life of the products.
Upon request, igus carries out customer tests to check product use under completely tailored conditions.
More about the igus test laboratory

Successfully in use by our customers

Grupo Turomas-Tecnocat glass processing system

Glass processing at low cost

This facility – the only one in the world – makes it possible to process twelve metres of glass and, at the same time, ensure high productivity. igus e-chains allow for a secure energy supply at different places.
Laser engraving machine, Cerion GmbH

More compact, more cost-effective, more lightweight

The portable laser engraving machines from Cerion GmbH can be found in shops all over the world. During the machine redesign, it was possible to reduce size, price and weight thanks to the linear technology components from igus.
Plant FAST/Z/25, Ernst Pennekamp GmbH & Co.

Higher variability, lower costs

This application, which resembles a robot, slides the glass products arriving from the moulding plant at a temperature of around 500°C into a cooling kiln. Here, our triflex e-chain, which was developed specifically for 3D movements, ensures a safe energy supply.

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Why chainflex?

The most cost-effective cable that works is the best for the customer.
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Đơn vị 4, Tầng 7, Xưởng tiêu chuẩn B, Đường Tân Thuận, Khu Chế Xuất Tân Thuận, Phường Tân Thuận Đông, Quận 7, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam

Số điện thoại: +84 28 3636 4189

Giấy chứng nhận đăng ký doanh nghiệp số: 0314214531

Ngày đăng ký lần đầu: 20-01-2017



Unit 4, 7th Floor, Standard Factory B, Tan Thuan Street, Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone, Tan Thuan Dong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Phone: +84 28 3636 4189

Tax code: 0314214531

Date of issuance: January 20, 2017