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Củng cố an toàn cho nhà máy, giảm thiểu chi phí bảo trì với nhựa thông minh smart plastic từ igus17/04/2019

Nhiều giải pháp nhựa thông minh mới giúp dự đoán bảo trì.

"Machine Learning", "Big Data" and "Industry 4.0" - những khái niệm thông dụng này phản ánh được những lợi ích thực sự cho khách hàng trong thời kỳ số hóa ngày nay. Những sản phẩm thông minh ví dụ như nhựa thông minh igus smart plastics giúp doanh nghiệp tăng độ tin cậy của hệ thống sản xuất, lên kế hoạch bảo trì đúng lúc, nhờ vậy giảm được chi phí. igus đã trình bày cơ chế hoạt động này tại triển lãm Hannover Messe 2018, Sảnh 17.

Con trượt sạch: con trượt mới của igus đảm bảo an toàn vệ sinh thực phẩm phù hợp tiêu chuẩn của FDA và EU cho hệ thống trượt tịnh tuyến21/02/2019

igus đang mở rộng danh mục con trượt phù hợp với tiêu chuẩn FDA và EU với vật liệu nhựa hiệu năng cao iglidur A160

Hệ thống trượt tịnh tuyến từ igus đảm bảo máy móc trong ngành công nghiệp thực phẩm và đồ uống có thể vận hành nhanh chóng và chính xác. Các lớp lót trượt tích hợp, không cần bảo trì và chống mài mòn được sử dụng trong ổ trượt cho phép các con trượt tuyến tính lướt đi mà không cần bôi trơn. igus nay đã phát triển thành công con trượt với vật liệu nhựa hiệu năng cao iglidur A160 phù hợp với tiêu chuẩn FDA và EU, nghĩa là đặc biệt phù hợp với các yêu cầu về vệ sinh đặc biệt của ngành công nghiệp thực phẩm. Điểm đặc biệt của nó là tuổi thọ dài trên trục thép không gỉ tuân thủ tiêu chuẩn FDA và EU và trong các khu vực làm việc ẩm ướt.

Order the right connector quickly in the new igus connector shop04/02/2019

igus is expanding its services with an online shop for connectors

If cables are to be harnessed, then the matching connector can be found quickly, but often cannot be ordered in small quantities from the manufacturer. Here, igus now offers an additional service with its new online shop for plug-in connectors: the customer can order the right connector for his cable at a reasonable price from a wide selection of well-known suppliers such as Harting or Intercontec from stock and with no minimum order quantity.

A long journey: 80 low-cost robots from igus for research at Indian higher-education institutions03/02/2019

German-Indian knowledge transfer with easy-to-operate robot arms fur simple automation tasks

Cologne, 17 January 2019 – Robotics and automation technology is an important subject within higher-education institutions in India and not only in Germany. The governments of the two countries are working together intensively in order to boost research in these areas. In response to the Indian government's search for simple robot systems for teaching purposes, robolink, the cost-effective modular system from igus, was so convincing that over 80 robolink arms for 40 Indian educational facilities were ordered. During a workshop in Aachen, professors from India gained direct, first-hand experience of how easy it is to use the low-cost robots from igus.

From the "rohbot" to the robot: Low Cost Automation with igus plastic arm and online marketplace model02/02/2019

robolink articulated arms and a digital platform concept facilitate initial steps in the world of cost-effective automation

Low cost automation less than the price of the established automation suppliers for just a few thousand euro – this is exactly what many users want. But making wishes a reality is often a difficult task: What products go together? How good is the solution? Who can support me? At the Hannover Messe 2019, the motion plastics specialist igus is presenting two new approaches: A new 4 to 5-axis "rohbot" (h for half-finished) made of plastic and a model of the online marketplace for suppliers and users.

Driving hard on the race track: wear-resistant iglidur gears in the gearbox01/02/2019

The iglidur I6 gears from the 3D printer for car racing of the "Youth Discovers Technology" (Jugend entdeckt Technik - JET) challenge

Electromobility is a crucial topic of the future. For Germany to be in the pole position, it is important to inspire young minds to take up scientific and engineering professions. Towards this purpose, the annual JET Challenge takes place at the IdeenExpo in Hanover. Students are given the task of building a fast, tough and energy-efficient racing car from a standard, remote-controlled car with a limited budget. Wear-resistant 3D-printed gears from igus made from the high-performance plastic iglidur I6 helped in this endeavour.

3D Ethernet cable from igus enables fast robot communication11/01/2019

Tested chainflex cable for torsion angles up to 360 degrees safely transmits data to 6-axis robots

In large-scale manufacturing industrial robots are everywhere. They provide a fast automation of processes and thereby ensure cost-efficiency in companies. igus has now developed a new long-lasting Ethernet cable, the CFROBOT8.PLUS, to ensure that robot communication between the axes, the control system and superordinate systems functions flawlessly, even under extreme stress. The new family of cables has been tested under torsion for several years in the in-house laboratory and is running absolutely fault-free for more than 15 million cycles.

World's first at SPS IPC Drives: The first intelligent bus cable for safe automation08/01/2019

CF.D enables monitoring of highly dynamic e-chain cables in the Smart Factory, thus reducing disruption to production operations

At the 2018 SPS IPC Drives, igus presented a novel and globally unique concept for the intelligent monitoring of bus cables in e-chain systems. Thanks to early alerts, even in case of the slightest changes in transmission characteristics, the CF.D system detects imminent plant shutdowns in good time. In this way, the high costs for unplanned production losses can be avoided.

Easily controlled automation with new dryve motor control systems for igus linear axes05/01/2019

igus motor control systems D3 and D1 dryve for simple or complex control of linear systems

In addition to its drylin E linear axes with DC motors, igus has now developed a cost-effective and easy-to-use control system. The D3 dryve controls linear systems completely without software or PC. Furthermore, igus has also further improved its D1 dryve control system for stepper motors, DC and EC/BLDC motors. The motor control system for more complex travels can be operated intuitively via a browser and modified live.

Cables for drive technology found, ordered and connectorised quickly at igus03/01/2019

New "Drive" website and online tools help to select the best cable for use in energy chains

In the desired length, from 1 metre, without minimum order quantity with or without connector. The motion plastics specialist igus always offers users the best and most cost-effective solution from a single source. Practical online tools help the customer, for example, to choose the appropriate ready-to-connect drive cable, or determine the precise service life of the selected cable after entering the application parameters. A new website published by igus for the SPS IPC Drives now provides information on current trends in drive technology and provides a comprehensive overview of the diverse cable selection.

Replace quickly while fitted on the rail: Liner replacement with igus exchange bearing01/01/2019

Extended sizes of the new lubrication-free exchange bearings ensure longer service life of drylin W linear systems

The motion plastics specialist igus relies on lubrication-free liners made of high-performance polymers for a silent and precise sliding of linear guides. At the beginning of the year, igus developed an exchange bearing for the drylin W linear modular kit particularly for a quick replacement of liners in high-frequency applications. The principle behind it is quite simple: Unlock bearing, push liner out, replace and it's ready. The exchange bearing that saves time and cost is now also available in sizes 16 and 20 for linear guides of the drylin W series, besides the standard installation size 10.

Cáp Ethernet cải tiến theo tiêu chuẩn ngày mai17/12/2018

Đặc điểm kỹ thuật nâng cao của công nghiệp tự động hóa và việc các nhu cầu mạng lưới liên kết gia tăng đã khiến cho giao thức mạng của Ethernet trở thành nền tảng cho các ứng dụng của cáp hiện đại tại thời điểm này. Vì các tiêu chuẩn kỹ thuật không n Ethernet công nghiệp cũng đồng thời phải phát triển theo.

Cáp Ethernet truyền thống được sử dụng để truyền tải dữ liệu giữa những chức năng riêng lẻ trong một mạng lưới cục bộ. Giao thức mạng Ethernett này đã được thiết lập trong hệ thống mạng và cũng đã đi vào tự động hoá vì Internet Vạn Vật (IoT) đã tạo nên nhu cầu đối với các loại cáp này. Các cổng Ethernet hiện có thể được ìm thấy trên hầu hết tất cả các phạm vi ứng dụng của tự động hóa, từ động cơ motor và PLC đến máy ảnh và robot.

Wear-resistant sliding and free designing with new igus plate strips30/11/2018

Abrasion-resistant iglidur sliding plates made of high-performance plastics provide even more geometric design options

Wear-resistant parts ordered quickly and easily and individually manufactured with increased service life. The motion plastics specialist igus offers this service, among other things, with its bar stock product range. To provide users with even more tribologically optimised special solutions, igus now offers five high-performance plastics resistant to wear and abrasion as bar stock plate strips in its product range. These provide the designer with new geometric design freedom.

One hot topic: The company igus advances the development of high-temperature filaments with self-built HT printer29/11/2018

"A good example of our Low Cost Automation concept," says Tom Krause, igus GmbH, about his team's newly designed and constructed high-temperature 3D printer

Low Cost Automation in our own factory: Following this idea, igus has built an HT-3D printer for the development of new high-temperature filaments using in-house mechanical engineering components. Thus, complete linear systems, consisting of drylin W linear guides, dryspin lead screws made of stainless steel and the igus standard stepper motors were used. Thanks to the new 3D printer, users can now use a lubrication-free and maintenance-free filament for the production of heat-resistant special parts with the iglidur J350 high-performance plastic.