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Video: Heavy bridge raised easily with secure energy supply from igus13/11/2018

For ships to pass under the Memorial Bridge, it must be raised by a vertical lifting mechanism. In operation an average speed of 1 m/s is required for a total distance of 40 metres. To reduce maintenance and increase overall reliability, the bridge builders used pre-assembled igus readychains instead of the hanging cables of the original design. The cables, which were harnessed with connectors and fitted in energy chains, were pre-assembled in the nearby igus factory and delivered as ready-to-install systems to be fitted on site.

The igus engineers used highly flexible chainflex cables in the E4 energy chain as well as heavy-duty CFXL clamps for secure cable strain relief. Each of the installed cable types - including the CF300, CF9 and CF34 motor cables and the 4-core CFLG fibre optic cable - were extensively tested in the 2,750 square metre test laboratory. In this way, igus is the only cable manufacturer in the world capable of providing a 36-month guarantee on its chainflex cables.

The readychain systems in operation can be viewed in the video: