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igus® Vietnam Company Limited

Unit 4, 7th Floor, Standard Factory B, Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone, Tan Thuan Street

District 7, HCM City, Vietnam

+84 28 3636 4189

Energy supply system saves assembly time

Pre-assembled energy chain systems in use in machines for the wood and furniture processing industry

In today's world, the end customer demands reduced energy consumption from his production facilities. The manufacturer of these systems primarily wants to significantly reduce its assembly and throughput, meet high quality standards but still be able to react flexibly to customer wishes. In this demanding environment, pre-assembled energy supply systems from igus demonstrate their technical and economic advantages and ensure durable, functionally reliable, robust material flow solutions in the wood and furniture industry.


  • What was needed: energy chains of the E4/4 light system of the series 14240 as pre-assembled readychain systems
  • Requirements: Fast assembly of the energy supply systems, high cycle times and tight bend radii require a durable guide and cable solution, the solution must be able to cope with the dusty and dry ambient conditions and at the same time be as light as possible for energy-saving reasons.
  • Industry: Woodworking and furniture processing industry
  • Success for the customer: Pre-assembled readychain systems enable extremely short assembly, the electrical assembly time has been almost halved; resilient chainflex cables  defy the high dynamic loads and guarantee high system availability; weight has been reduced by the smooth-running energy chains

Feeding and stacking system with energy chains Feeding and destacking system for wood and furniture parts with a pre-assembled "readychain" energy supply system from igus. The time of electrical assembly has been halved.


HOMAG Automation GmbH in Hemmoor is part of the globally active HOMAG Group, the market-leading supplier of production systems and machines for woodworking. Within this group, HOMAG has specialised in handling. HOMAG's systems can be used whenever wood panel-shaped materials have to be transported, stacked, stored, turned or sorted. This field ranges from the smallest handicraft business up to the internationally positioned high-tech company worldwide.
The number of gantry systems commissioned each year has increased rapidly. The good order situation leads to major space problems in production. Therefore, we had to reduce the throughput of the individual plants. The specialist must therefore save time in all areas, including in the area of energy supply systems, which must be able to be installed as easily and quickly as possible. But HOMAG also imposes other requirements on the energy supply systems due to the way the machines work: High cycle times and tight bend radii put considerable strain on the energy supply system and cables. The travels for the gantry and storage systems are between 4m and 60m. Speeds of 60m/min to 290m/min are achieved with accelerations of up to 12m/s². In addition, for loading and unloading systems, a cycle rate of max. 20 cycles/min is implemented. The operating conditions on site are typical for woodworking - dry, dusty and usually warm.
But weight also plays a major role for HOMAG. After all, another major challenge - in addition to the issue of downtimes - is rising energy prices. Plant manufacturers who are planning to reduce the energy requirements of the plants by 20 or even 30% are therefore relying on lightweight construction, which must also be reflected in all machine components such as the energy supply systems.


For more than twenty years, energy chains with matching guide troughs have been used in the stacking and storage systems for feeding and destacking furniture parts. More precisely, pre-assembled complete systems are used here, the so-called readychain systems. The chains are delivered complete with cables and connectors from igus and are ready for immediate installation. In addition, flexurally resistant chainflex cables are included to guarantee the increasing dynamic loads and high system availability. Part of the product range has been successfully converted to these pre-assembled energy supply systems for some time.
The simple pre-assembled chain solutions also help the machine manufacturer to reduce throughput.  By using the solution, the electrical installation time could thus be almost halved. Today, the highly qualified employees no longer have to spend too much time inserting cables into the energy chain, but can be better assigned elsewhere.
The energy supply systems are also suitable for tough continuous use in the furniture industry and are characterised by low wear in their moving parts. High cycle outputs are achieved with the latest drive and control technology.
Specifically, the igus energy supply systems E4/4 light, Series 14240 were used for the horizontal travel axis and the vertical lifting axis. They combine two technical specifications: first, a reduced wall thickness of the side links and a lighter crossbar, which means less weight and a better ratio of inner and outer dimensions. Secondly, a form-fitting undercut design that brings even more lateral stability.
And last but not least, the smooth-running igus energy supply systems also help to reduce the energy requirements of the entire plant.

"By using the pre-assembled energy supply systems, we have almost halved the electrical installation time! Today, our highly qualified employees no longer insert time-consuming cables into the energy chain, but are better employed elsewhere."

Merten Hamann, Purchasing Manager at HOMAG Automation GmbH in Hemmoor

Energy chains Pre-assembled energy supply systems from igus for horizontal travel axis and the vertical lifting axis.
chainflex cables Functionally reliable "chainflex" cables especially for use in highly dynamic applications in energy chains.
Energy chain with chainflex cables Energy chain "E4/4 light", harnessed with flexurally strong "chainflex" cables, among other things.
Delivery of pre-assembled energy supply systems Delivery of the pre-assembled energy supply systems to the customer. Ready for quick installation.

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