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Individual gears and racks made of wear-resistant polymers

Configure gear now

Gear configurator for gears and racks

Thanks to an improved tooth root geometry, the gears configured in our gear configurator have a significantly longer service life. This is further increased, as our 3D printing service uses the low-friction iglidur polymers with solid lubricants. Due to tribologically optimised polymers, additional lubricants are not needed and the low-wear properties ensure a maintenance-free and clean application.
Simply print gears and racks with the 3D printing service at igus:fast, cost-efficient and highly precise.  Gear drives made from low-friction iglidur materials have an up to 50 times longer service life than gears with conventional materials used in 3D printing. Further information on gears made of high-performance polymers printed in 3D.

CAD configurator

Configurator for CAD data for 3D printing of racks  

  • No registration required
  • For gears and racks
  • CAD download in all commonly used formats

Go to CAD configurator

3D printing service

3D printing for gears and racks  

  • CAD upload (via STEP file)
  • View price and delivery time now
  • Order online or request a quotation now

Upload CAD and order gear

Service life calculator for gears

3D printing for racks and gear - calculate service life  

  • Calculate service life of gear drive
  • Evaluations from the test lab
  • Combination of polymer and metal possible

Online gear service life calculator

3D printing for gear and racks - create CAD data and order

1. Create 3D model of gear or rack for 3D printing in the igus online CAD configurator. There are many templates of different designs, which you can tailor to your individual requirements.
2. Upload STEP file of your 3D model in the 3D printing service of our iglidur Designer, select material and enter quantity.
3. You will be shown the price directly online and you can order immediately.

  • No CAD software or knowledge required.
  • Configure online, order and use the complete component in just a few days.
  • up to 50 times longer service life than conventional 3D printing materials
  • Selection of our low-wear iglidur materials


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