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Infographic: how roller energy chains provide more reliability on long travels17/12/2019

Infographic of Roller echain

7 loại bạc lót igus® chứng minh khả năng chống nấm mốc12/11/2019

Các thử nghiệm đã xác nhận một số vật liệu iglide chống lại nấm mốc và vi khuẩn.

World Champion with igus: Bremen robots win 2019 RoboCup in Sydney21/10/2019

The Team B-Human won the title in the international robotics competition in the Standard Platform

Robots are increasingly making their presence felt not only in the industry, but also in football. At the international robotics competition - the RoboCup - in Sydney this year, the team B-Human from Bremen showed what small robots can do in the popular sport. Here, the German Standard Platform league champion could fight for the world championship title against the reigning world champion from Leipzig.

Find out today about tomorrow's world: igus smart plastics make maintenance intelligent13/08/2019

Smart products made of tribo-polymers increase the service life of machine tools by digitally monitoring their status

"Industry 4.0", "Internet of Things" and "Smart Factory" - these concepts are no longer a vague promise of what is to come. Companies are already able to benefit from the use of intelligent systems and products. At EMO 2019, igus will be showing how machine tool manufacturers and customers can raise their maintenance to a new level and, at the same time, reduce costs by using smart machine components.

Wear-resistant sliding movement in an extremely small space with iglidur tribo-polymer coating from igus13/08/2019

iglidur coating technology with igus tribo-plastics makes surfaces of metal components resistant to abrasion

For lubrication-free sliding in a very small space, igus has now developed three new materials made of maintenance-free tribo-polymers as coating material for metal components such as metal sheets, valves or even shafts. This means that, for users who do not have enough space to install a plain bearing, a wear-resistant, compact and cost-effective solution is now available.

Injection moulding with 3D printing: 55 lubrication-free igus materials for individual wear-resistant parts15/07/2019

igus expands 3D printing service by injection moulding with printed tools for fast production of maintenance-free special parts

Wear-resistant parts are used wherever there is friction between two surfaces. For this reason, designers in many industrial sectors rely on 55 long-lasting, lubrication-free, high-performance polymers from igus. To help users quickly get their special solution made of a suitable material, igus has now integrated the Print2Mould process in its online 3D printing service. With a printed tool, the component is manufactured by injection moulding. To do this, the user simply uploads the STEP file of the wear-resistant part into the 3D printing service, selects the material and requests a quotation. Specifications on the material properties as well as the precision, flexural strength and the price help with the choice.

Dirt-resistant igus linear system displays wins in long jump22/06/2019

Maintenance-free drylin linear guide enables a laser to slide and ensures fast, visible top marks in the stadium

In order to make the longest distance visible to the audience at the stadium during the long jump event, organisers rely on the laser projection of lines in the sand. One of them is Golden Fly Sports GmbH with its "PrimeLine System". The developers set the highest standards: All components must be robust and above all sand-resistant, but at the same time lightweight. Therefore, lubrication-free and maintenance-free drylin linear guides from igus were chosen.

Two become one: functional furniture "Frida" unites a sofa and a writing desk19/06/2019

Lubrication-free and maintenance-free tribo polymer bearings from igus ensure high flexibility and long life in a new piece of furniture

Working and living in confined spaces is often not so easy. Therefore, the interior design student Valeria Vysozki developed a very practical solution with her piece of furniture "Frida". Relax on the softly upholstered sofa; at the same time, convert its functionality into a workstation by simply pulling out an integrated table. Lubrication-free and maintenance-free high-performance plastics from igus ensure smooth movement.

Enhanced safety in deep drilling rigs:New igus energy chain replaces service loops15/06/2019

Modular e-loop energy chain system for secure cable guidance on the top drive

Extreme conditions often prevail in deep drilling rigs in the oil and gas industry: wind and weather, dirt and harsh handling of installations and equipment affect the machine components. igus has now developed the e-loop for the safe guidance of the top drive. The new modular energy chain made of high-performance plastics ensures a defined bend radius of the cables and withstands vibrations and shocks.

50 percent lighter: the world's first modular igus hybrid chain made of steel and plastic13/06/2019

Energy supply systems made of steel and plastic easily cope with long, unsupported travels, and are openable and closable quick as a flash

Safe vertical guidance of cables and hoses: igus has now developed its first plastic-steel hybrid chain for these applications. The new energy supply system, called the YE.42, is 50 percent lighter than conventional steel chains due to its high-performance polymers and provides 50 percent more unsupported lengths than plastic energy chains. The hybrid solution has a very high rigidity and is easy to assemble and maintain thanks to its modular design. Operators can rely on work platforms or vertical lifts for a safe, lightweight, cost-effective and quickly replaceable system.

Clean, safe, detectable: New igus tribo polymers for food contact12/06/2019

The motion plastics specialist relies on optically and magnetically recognisable materials for plain and spherical bearings

Media resistance, lubrication-free and corrosion-free: these are the requirements machine components in the food industry have to meet today. In order to be able to quickly identify broken pieces in the event of damage to a system, igus has now developed two new optically and magnetically detectable materials for its plain and spherical bearings: the iglidur FC180 and igumid FC. The materials comply with FDA and EU10/2011 regulations and are therefore ideal for use in the food industry.

Surfing on tarmac with wear-resistant plain bearings from igus11/06/2019

iglidur Z and iglidur J350 high-performance plastics ensure safe bearings in an innovative skateboard

The Curfboard is a new type of sports equipment that combines a surfboard and a skateboard and in the process, has to withstand extreme loads. Especially high are the demands on its moving components, including the bearings. These must be wear-resistant, resilient, maintenance-free and reliable even under the toughest "Curf" conditions. Therefore, the developers at the curfboard GmbH rely on wear-resistant plain bearings made of iglidur Z and iglidur J350 high-performance polymers from igus.

Small, compact and cost-effective: new lubrication-free toothed belt axis from igus10/06/2019

Lightweight and compact toothed belt axis ensures Low Cost Automation in the tightest of spaces

Fast automation in confined installation spaces: igus has now developed an extra-compact toothed belt axis based on its flat drylin N linear system. The new axis consists of a completely standard fitment of components and is thus easily assembled within a few minutes and cost-effective. Equipped with motor and control, the new system can carry loads of up to 20 Newton and a translation of 60 millimetres per revolution.

Dự đoán tuổi thọ bạc lót in 3D bằng công cụ trực tuyến của igus10/06/2019

Công cụ trực tuyến miễn phí cho phép xác định cụ thể tuổi thọ của bạc lót nhựa in 3D

Bạc lót nhựa in 3D không cần bôi trơn, không cần bảo trì làm từ nhựa tribo-polymer giúp kỹ sư thiết kế một cách tự do, và đồng thời duy trì được hệ số ma sát cao của các bộ phận máy. Để đạt được thành công này, igus đã nghiên cứu và phát triển vật liệu 3D mới cho ứng dụng chuyển động. Nhờ một loạt các thử nghiệm được thực hiện trong phòng thí nghiệm lớn nhất trong ngành, igus có thể dự đoán tuổi thọ của bạc lót nhựa tùy chỉnh được sản xuất theo yêu cầu riêng của người dùng trực tuyến.