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Room gantries

Room gantry  
The construction kit system of the drylin® gantry series ensures smooth, lubricant-free gliding.

The mechanical engineering sector and its suppliers face major global challenges. Competition is intensifying further, price pressures are increasing, as is the demand for local production. We offer affordable complete systems that automate tasks in order to produce faster and more effectively.

With the room gantry, three-dimensional applications can be implemented.
Application examples are:

Measuring and testing automation

Handling and assembly technology

Identification in microelectronics and medical technology

Small parts handling tasks

Simple handling tasks


Simple construction

Initiator mounting via T-slot on the entire length of the profile

Finished modular system with cantilever axis

Everything from a single source

When to use igus® room gantries:

With loads up to 2,5 [kg]

With precision requirements up to 0,8 [mm]

With speeds up to max. 0,5 [m/s]

Room gantry details


Installation instructions room gantry


Assembly instructions / proximity switch kits


Please request your custom gantry from us using the form shown below, or take advantage of our telephone-based consulting.

Request custom room gantry

Requirements information

Quantity/lot size One-off application Series of applications
New constructions Technical improvements Reduction of costs

application data

Coordination of the centre of mass
at the locating axis
Stroke length
sy: mm X-axis: mm Load capacity: kg
sz: mm Y-axis: mm Additional pusher forces: N
sx: mm Z-axis: mm Acceleration: m/s²
Running performance: km Duty cycle: % Speed: m/s
System design
Single axis (X) Twin axis(XX) Flat gantry (XXY) Line gantry (XZ) Room gantry (XXYZ)
Installation position
horizontal Vertical lateral inverse
Required accuracy
(at the load point) mm
Ambitient temperaturer °C
Humidity: Yes No
Preferred igus® linear system:

Motor technology and drylin® E accessories

Motor technology: Stepper motor DC_Motor
Design: stranded wire Connector Encoder Encoder & Brake
Connection cable: No 3 meters 5 meters 10 meters
Connector design: Straight Angled
Limit and reference switches: No NC / Opener NO / Closer Quantity: St.
Customer motor
Producer: Type-No.


e-chains®: Yes No
Additional cables: Yes No (per ex. pneumatic / electric)

More information:

sketches, CAD

You can upload data up to a total volume about 7 MB.
File 1:   
File 2:   
File 3:   
File 4:   
File 5:   

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Application examples

You can find gantry applications here

Lubricant-free pick&place systems


XYZ gantry


drylin® room gantry in plasma cutter


drylin® room gantry for pipetting automation


drylin® room gantry in order picking system


drylin® linear technology in the Cobot 3D printer